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Date: 10.15-10.19.2014
Venue: Guangzhou; China
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Silicone Sealant, Acrylic Sealant Manufacturer

Kater Adhesives Industrial Co., Ltd is a group company which has been engaged in the development, production and sales of silicone sealant, acrylic sealant, gasket maker, polyurethane sealant etc.

Kater Adhesives Industry Co.,Ltd.

Factory: Kater Adhesives Industrial Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1, ShunJing Road, Songxia Industrial Park, SongGang Town, Foshan, GuangDong, China

Silicone Sealant, Polyurethane Sealant, Acrylic Sealant

Contact: Ms Belina

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    1. KASTAR 730This general purpose silicone adhesive sealant Kastar 730 is a one component acetic cured product. It shows superior weather resistance, waterproof performance and high adhesion to most of the building materials.
    1. KTR280This KTR 280 acrylic sealant is an universal one part water based product. After curing, it becomes the elastic and tough rubber with superior adhesion and contraction without cracks or any shrink. It is suitable for filling the gaps or sealing joints that have low requirements on elongation.
    1. Kastar112 This Kastar 112 all purposes polyurethane sealant is a black designed product. Through the chemical reaction with the moisture in the air, it is cured into an elastomer with high durability and weather resistance. This product offers excellent sealing, bonding and repairing performance in the application.
    1. Hot Melt Glue StickThis hot melt glue stick can be designed in a range of colors including the clear water, white, transparent, yellow, black , etc.
      Well bonded with the EVA, wax, ethylene and other main components, it gets high strength and low odor.
      This product offers excellent performance in gluing or packing the paper, cardboard, wood, craft products, cartons, ceramic, plastic, etc.
    1. Kastar222 This Kastar 222 multi-use PU foam is a CFC free sealant combined with non-flammable propellant, structured with one component. After curing, the foam has a rigid and fine structure with some closed cells.
    1. Two Part Silicone Sealant for Glass This product is commonly used as the structural adhesive for sealing the glass curtain walls, stone and aluminum curtain, insulating glasses and other metal construction materials. It is the welcomed adhesive of multistoried buildings, various buildings and other industrial use.